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Uncover a Treasure

Ever heard of sightings of non-extinct pterodactyls?
Are all flying-dragon legends 100% fictional?
Do all scientists believe live pterosaurs impossible?
What about these long-tailed featherless fliers?
Learn of scientific papers on modern pterosaurs,
meaning peer-reviewed published scientific papers.
Worldwide, eyewitnesses may number over 200,000.
Much of what we know has been learned since 2003,
with many pterosaur eyewitnesses interviewed.
What a treasure of knowledge for the open-minded!

By the modern-pterosaur expert and author Jonathan David Whitcomb (USA):

I was a forensic videographer in 2003, when I learned about brief expeditions in Papua New Guinea: a few Americans searching for what natives of Umboi Island call "ropen." After a phone conversation with one of the explorers, Paul Nation of Granbury, Texas, I examined video footage of native eyewitnesses.

Recognizing the high credibility of the natives who were interviewed while being videotaped, I became captivated by the testimonies. In 2004 I led my own brief expedition on Umboi Island, interviewing a number of key eyewitnesses of the large featherless flying creauture. Within a few weeks, two more Americans explored that island, interviewing other eyewitnesses of the strange nocturnal ropen. 
Since 2004, I have interviewed many more eyewitnesses of non-bat featherless flying creatures, many of the sightings being in other areas of the world. These include North America, Africa, Australia, and Europe. I have written a scientific paper in a peer-reviewed journal of science and have also written three nonfiction books on these astonishing flying creatures: three books in eight total editions.